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Are You Ready to Create Your Best Life?

Learn to release old ways of thinking that no longer serve you and you will create your best life!

I have a secret to tell you...

The secret to getting what you want is not just to think positively, say affirmations and meditate. The secret to a creating a great life lies in believing what you are affirming.

To attain anything good in life you must understand it, feel you deserve it, and deeply accept that it is beneficial to you. You cannot fear it, or fear that you don’t deserve it, or that if you have it you will lose something that you value more.

Many of you really don’t know what you actually think because you haven’t spent any time listening to or contradicting that little voice inside of you that tells you that you can’t, shouldn’t or mustn’t. This is the voice of guilt and conditioning; a difficult childhood or even religious training can convince you that what you want is somehow impossible for you to attain or that you are unworthy of having it.

Perhaps your religious training conditioned you to believe that using your intuitive abilities was somehow evil or demonic. In a child’s mind, this sets off a great deal of fear, and even if you have rejected your former religious beliefs, that conditioning is still functioning in the background and will cause that original fear to be what stops you from succeeding. You probably won’t even consciously realize what is stopping you unless you go deeply within and begin to listen to what still lurks there.

That little voice is insidious. It sneaks in, often under the radar, and sabotages all the work you’ve been doing to try to keep that positive attitude. It creates doubt: “This is the devil’s work”, “Bad, evil, you’ll be punished,” “This is a sin,” it shouts. Or if it is not religion that is stopping you, it might be whether you feel you are worthy. “This is a gift and you’re not special.” “What makes you think you deserve to do this?” “You’re not old enough, young enough, or maybe even special enough to have any abilities,” or worst yet, “You can’t succeed. You’re not good enough.”

All of this old programming will work to sabotage everything you work to do.

It is incumbent upon all of you who want to direct your lives, to find out what opinions were instilled in your vulnerable mind prior to your logical brain being able to censor negative input. Before age three, our brains are not unlike blank computers. There is a phrase in the computer world: garbage in garbage out. When we are too young to understand, we are being programmed with a lot of garbage and that same garbage often is the underlying motivator of our opinions and beliefs. Not unlike a garden, we must weed out what is choking our growth.

Another misconception that often gets in the way of accepting or unlocking your abilities is the belief that it is a gift, not a natural ability that everyone has. Years ago, I was asked to do a lecture at an Episcopal youth group about what it is that I do. Realizing that I would be asked why I could do this so easily, I asked my guides what the reason was. They told me that psychic ability was actually a survival instinct that we needed before we lived in civilized communities and chose others to defend us. Having grown up in a very violent home, I needed my abilities to protect myself. That, and family acceptance of my abilities, allowed me to keep them active instead of shutting them down.

Everyone still has these abilities but for many they have gone dormant due to lack of use. However, in times of emergency they often come back to us.

To rid yourself of those things that are blocking you from attaining all that you desire, including re-opening your psychic ability, you must begin to access your true beliefs, those that are conditioned into your unconscious mind. One of the best ways to do this is through listening to your thoughts, especially when you do something like drop an item, spill something, or make any mistake. Is there a nasty voice that berates you? Who first talked to you like this? Could you have heard something out of context? Does this apply to you now?

Listen to the voices—they will show you where the unconscious sabotage lies. Then you must attempt to decipher when these ideas were first accepted and why. You may find that some of them were important at the time they were told to you. When you are five, talking to strangers is dangerous and your parent may have stressed that strangers were bad and that you should stay away from them and fear them. But does that admonishment fit your life at 35 or 40? Yet the warning still exists and can cause you to fear being among people you don’t know.

If you were raised religiously, then you were probably told that psychic ability was evil or even demonic. Consequently, finding yourself exhibiting that faculty could create chaos or panic.

It is time to take control of your unconscious conditioning.

A good way to do this is through meditation. When you find an objectional phrase or feeling rearing its negative head, relax and go within to a place of calm where you can examine the thought, determine whether it still serves you, and begin the work of releasing the old belief.

In my workbook, You Were Born Psychic, A Metaphysical Approach to Uncovering and Using Your Abilities, I have several chapters on releasing and removing past negative programming and restructuring your thinking to be more compatible with where you want your life to go now. Through a step-by-step approach utilizing explanations, exercises, meditations, and questions to ask yourself what you felt about what you are doing, you can not only weed the garden of your mind, but also learn to create what you want to manifest and unlock your natural abilities.

A desire to make a change in your life creates the impetus that will move you forward. However, sometimes getting what you want can create an equal amount of fear that will sabotage it. Make sure you are aware that sometimes getting what you want can cause new buried issues to arise, such as fear of success, which can create sabotage. One way to prevent this is to analyze all the potential ramifications of your desires. For instance, how might your partner feel if you were to become famous? And then deal with any fears before you begin your journey of manifestation. You may discover that what you thought you wanted does not hold the appeal you anticipated it would once you see how it will change your life.

Often the Universe will allow us to rid ourselves of fears by internally working through them; playing out the worst-that-can-happen scenario and dealing with how you will get through it. Years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. For several reasons, I decided I did not want to go through the procedures that the doctor was recommending. Instead, I met with my doctors for over a year with them trying to convince me to proceed with surgery. After a year I found my resolve to fight this weakening. At that point a good friend asked me to fully emerge myself in my greatest fear which was that I would be told that it was no longer operable, and I had only 6 months left to live. After I did what he asked, feeling all the fear, pain, anger, hopelessness, he asked me now to think completely about what I would do if I did get the diagnosis I feared. I began fantasizing about traveling the world, eating everything I had ever wanted to eat but didn’t because I didn’t want to get fat, making love to anyone I wanted to; truly living my life. When I did this exercise, I realized I would never live this well now. Because of all the obligations of life— fear of being in debt, getting a disease, or looking ugly—I would spend the greater part of my life worrying and living like I had been programmed to live. But with this death sentence, I was set free to really live in a way I would not without it. At some point during the exercise, I felt something shift; the fear left me completely and this time when I saw my doctors they proposed a new test to make sure it was really cancer, a test they had not mentioned before. The test proved that it was not cancer at all but a very severe infection. Did I ever actually have cancer, or did I cure it through this exercise? I choose to believe I cured it. This experience changed my life and taught me the possibilities inherent in our thoughts.

It’s time to take control of your life. It’s time to take control of your thoughts. It’s time to believe you can do it. It’s time to understand what you really think and take back your power to create the life you truly desire.


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