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AWAKEN! The Spiritual Purpose of the Coronavirus

Let us look at this pandemic from a new perspective, as a way for humanity to rid itself of some vast collective karma. Along with the actual threat of illness or death, there is the psychological pressure of pure survival. For many people this extends into the physical level due to lack of food, housing, and other resources, especially if you must worry about children or elderly family members that need to be educated, fed, and cared for. For others, it is not the material level that holds the power, it is finding mental and emotional balance. Acquiring this balance can be difficult especially if you are a person used to daily social interaction and now you find yourself alone. And others that are barely holding on to their own balance—the mothers, fathers, nurses, and doctors—must now also secure the balance for others.

In these trying times, each of us should do our part by being supportive in whatever way possible. We must contribute to the collective well-being and be conscious of those around us and what they may be going through.

Our consciousness is getting the opportunity to shift from the Universe/God being something outside, separate from ourselves (and thus giving our power to the church or the state), to a time of awakening. This pain, this martyrdom, can eventually awaken Me to Self and our own personal power and responsibility.

We must choose how we want to live. The boundaries of consciousness are shifting to an acceptance of the We State instead of the Me State. It can be stated as follows:

We are all one. Not separate from each other or from God. We are conscious expressions of the creative power of the Universe acting through the will to do good, to serve each other lovingly, and to recognize that separation is a deadly illusion.

This enlightened understanding and our responsibility in terms of our personal choices and areas of service awakens us to the deeper meanings of life and our presence on this planet at this time.



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