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Divine Love

What is Divine Love?

It is that place in your mind where you know that everything and everyone is perfect. Where judgment no longer exists. It is the knowing that control of anything and anyone is really a cage for yourself. Control and power only recognize imperfections, and in its desire for what it perceives as perfection, misses the amazing beauty of difference. When we release our need to make the world conform to our personal vision and, instead, amaze in the wonder of the world’s uniqueness, we set ourselves free; free to love, to feel true joy, and to add to the wonder that exists so exquisitely around us.

This place within us is not something you have to fight to find, it was there from birth. Somehow, you forget how to access it. It is that place of wonder that lights from the eyes of an infant when It sees a shiny new toy. Or the joy in a dog’s bounce as he greets you when you return home. It is the feeling deep in your heart when you have had a particularly great day and you stop to appreciate a beautiful sunset. We haven’t lost it; it has just been mislaid.

Open your mind to the beauty that surrounds us. Instead of focusing on what could be better, center your mind on what we have that is so wonderful. When your thoughts begin to wander to what you want to change, see all the rightness in the present situation, and as you change your perception of this thing, either it will

change or you will. In either case, it is all really just perfect.


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