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Exploring the Peace

As a Sagittarius, I love my freedom. I like to run around, go shopping, have lunch with friends, and generally keep myself busy outside my home whenever possible. With the Coronavirus, as I know you know, all this had to change. I have not been outside my house, except for necessary doctor’s appointments, for about five months. It has been an experience for me.

At first, I chafed against the restrictions, but then I realized I had a real opportunity here. I could spend this time getting closer to my partner, getting in touch with my deeper self, and appreciating what I have in my life. Without the temptations the outside holds, it was easier for me to explore my inner world: my mind, my thoughts, and my imagination. I could take the time to learn new things. I found that there is so much to delve into when you give yourself permission to be happy with your situation.

Now, I am exploring peace. No conversations, phone calls, traffic noises, television, or even music. Just peace. This exercise allows me to spend some quality time with myself. I am getting to know myself again and choosing what I want to expand and what I want to delete from my thoughts and my life. I am taking the time to care about myself again and through this peace, hopefully I am becoming a better person. This is yet another gift the virus has brought my way and I am grateful.


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