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Let's Do the Work to Make this World Better!

Being spiritual does not mean closing your eyes to injustice, pain, or man's inhumanity to man. It means seeing it, and in many cases also absorbing and working even harder to create the world we truly should have.

For too long fear and powerlessness have been the prevailing forces that ruled here on Earth, and because of this we have given our power away to those who promised to make things better. However, if you study history, or pay witness to what is happening right now in our world, you will see that doing that did not bring about safety, peace, and happiness, but instead it has manifested greed, servitude, violence, and more fear and powerlessness for most of humankind.

Being spiritual means that we have to consider our choices carefully and not just think about ourselves. It means taking personal responsibility for what our lives and our world looks like and choosing to make a real difference.

We are creators, and as such, we have contributed to the world we live in now. Whether consciously or unconsciously, whether overtly or covertly, we are living in the world we allowed.

Analyze your real feelings about fear. If you haven't really looked at your beliefs, then you are giving your power away to your unconscious fears and vulnerability. You have the power to work on yourself and become the warrior for peace and love that you were meant to be.

We can make the world a better, more loving place, but only if we work together, believe it can be done, and take responsibility to make it so.

Blessings, Jonee


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