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"Sending Energy" - Don't Let It Drain You!

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

This is a guest post written by Joan's publisher, Thea Rademacher.

It is a very common practice to hear someone say or write, “sending you thoughts and prayers.” People with a more metaphysical approach often “send people energy.” Regardless of the perspective you take, it is a beautiful thing to recognize our connections and ability to support each other.

But is there a specific way we should engage in this practice, a way that will best serve the recipient while insuring no harm is done to the giver?

I recently realized that my good intentions to help others may have inadvertently been draining me. Quite often in my meditations, journaling, or just daily thoughts, I would think of a person and imagine good things for them. I was not mindful of a specific process for this, just that I was “sending energy” for them to use for their highest good.

Though my intention was sound, my technique needed some improvement!

For the last several decades, intuitive counselor Joan Scibienski has channeled a collective consciousness that calls themselves “Equinoxx.” These First Friday channelings are open to the public (there is a fee of $20 to attend) and during the channelings, a Message for the World is shared, several general questions are asked, and then those in attendance are allowed to ask their own questions. If the concept of channeling is something you don’t know much about, you can learn more on Jonee’s website.

The question of “giving energy” to others was addressed specifically in the December channeling. The answer was as follows:

The way that we think is best is to begin to visualize the person and if you do not have a specific person in mind, or you have never seen the person, then all you need to do is see a general outline of a male or a female and then see them surrounded by God’s energy, by God’s beautious energetic light, and see it being absorbed into that body and see it radiating off and see the person laughing and jumping and just feeling marvelous. And then say, “And so it is,” and release it. Release the picture. That’s not your energy—you are giving them Universal God energy.

Don’t allow yourself to focus on another’s pain because then you will take it in yourself and actually drain yourself attempting to send them healing. You are not sending them healing but sending your own empathy.

Sending blessings to you - the "right" way!


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