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Spring - A Time for Renewal

Easter, as we know it, is a patchwork of beliefs and practices related to the themes of springtime, rebirth, and renewal practiced by numerous pagan religions as well as being adopted by Christians to represent rebirth and resurrection.

We can use this period, too, as a time to plant that which you want to reap later in the season. A time to have a rebirth and renewal of our goals and aspirations.

First, however, you must clear out and release anything from your past—whether just from this year or your entire life—that you do not want to carry forward. Then you can begin to draw up a plan for the current year and beyond.

Clearly see what you want this year to contain. New job? New love? More prosperity or good health? New car or home?

You do not have to see how these things come about, but you must have a very clear picture of what you desire.

Write it down, draw pictures of it, or cut out pictures from magazines that represent your new life. Place these representations throughout your personal space and look at them often feeling absolutely sure that they are manifesting perfectly right now.

Believe in your future. Trust in the Universe and affirm often that your life is functioning perfectly right now and let it be so.

Joan's workbook, You Were Born Psychic - A Metaphysical Approach to Uncovering and Using Your Abilities, contains a section on releasing past beliefs. You can find it on Amazon and wherever books are sold.


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