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Take control of your happiness

When you feel hurt by other people's actions you are relinquishing your power to them, thus, you will continue to be hurt. Take possession of your life. Why do you feel so badly about yourself that you believe and accept other people's flawed opinions?

Each of us are guilty of judging. Those judgments often come from past experiences or situations that have nothing to do with the person we are judging; unconsciously we are projecting our fear or unresolved hut and anger onto an available person.

Most of us form opinions based not on logic or analyzing, but on snap judgments and deep unconscious fears. Sometimes, it is just how we were raised that produces our reaction. This is true of prejudice.

Each of us sees others as a mirror of what is going on within us. When we are bothered by the behavior of another person, we need to recognize that we are seeing something in them that we understand on some deep level is present within us that we fear.

When we see something wonderful in someone, we are also recognizing the potential within us. Consequently, how anyone sees us has more to do with unconscious data than with reality. When we allow other's flawed vision to control our self-image, cause us pain, or take our power in any way, it is because deep within us we believe these things are true.

It is our responsibility to cleanse these beliefs by searching out our own fears, hatreds, misinterpretations, programming, and self-defeating agendas and take our lives back. When you feel good about who you are and what you are doing, no one can penetrate that happiness. You will realize that whatever someone feels about you has nothing to do with who you are, but instead, has everything to do with their learning and growth.


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