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The Gift of Possibilities

When I was a child, summers were magical. The skies were so blue with clouds that resembled animals or mythical beings like unicorns or dragons. The wind which moved the branches of the trees ever so lovingly, also helped to cool my moist body. Colors burst forth from flower beds and succulent, wild berries were mine for the eating.

Summer meant the prospect of endless hours without the torture of school. Where instead of doing homework, I could lie in the grass and read any book I wanted to. Or let my mind wander to worlds of my own creation without anyone telling me to focus and pay attention. Hours were spent wandering the woods and watching the insects or picking wildflowers. I felt as though my world was filled with unlimited gifts, and because it felt that way, it was.

There was so much potential then.

But now I am grown and for an awfully long time I have lost my magic. There were chores for me to do, work to accomplish, and responsibilities to complete. There was no time for the frivolities of youth.

The year 2020 has given me a gift; the gift of time. With the growth of the virus, there is nowhere to go, no one I need to see, and an infinite amount of opportunity to explore new, or perhaps old, endeavors. It has brought me back to the wonderful potential of my youth; the potential to explore and find new possibilities for this old world

Often, as change is thrust upon us, we respond by pushing back, worrying, decrying angrily, or giving up. But I’d like to challenge you—for just a little while each day, remember how exciting it was when you had nothing but time. Allow your mind to see potentials instead of incumbrances. Allow yourself to feel free instead of trapped. You have the opportunity now to let your mind take you to mystical places, your creativity to explore new arts, or your green thumb to be used to bring forth beauty from the earth. You have been given back the gift of possibilities. Use it lovingly.


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