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What Does Your Word Mean?

Have you ever noticed how easily people can make a commitment and how much more easily they can go about breaking that commitment?

Conscious creators know better than most the importance of keeping our word, since our “word is our wand,” Florence Scovel-Shinn says.

If we don’t treat our words as meaningful, how can we expect the Universe to?

When your life becomes filled with excuses: “I’ll do that tomorrow,” lies: “I’d love to come but I’m busy this weekend,” or equivocation: “I can’t come in today because I’m feeling sick,” you are telling the Universe that your word is no good, and soon, as these habits grow, the Universe loses trust in your word.

So, while practicing manifestation techniques like affirmations, it is easy for you to doubt your own words as you have become in the habit of throwing your word around loosely. Daily you say many other things that you didn’t take seriously or intend to accomplish. Innocent phrases like, “Sure, let’s do lunch soon!” or “No, I don’t mind at all.” Your affirmations are just more of the same to the Universe and your own subconscious mind which is just a supercomputer recording and accepting whatever you tell it. You have told your subconscious mind that these are just another set of words that mean little, and worse yet, that you cannot be trusted to mean what you say even to yourself.

It is easy to make excuses. “Everyone tells white lies,” for example. But again, you are choosing to be out of integrity with yourself.

Words are important tools for spiritual growth. If yours are out of integrity with what you say you believe, then they will do you and everyone else real harm. There are no little lies.

When you keep your word because that is what you do, then you learn that your word means something. It has power and impact. Your word can be relied on, and then your manifestations will happen because you have given your word to the Universe that you are a conscious creator. The Universe listens, believes you, and helps you create. You have chosen to take personal responsibility for your actions, including your word. You have declared to the Universe that you are a Conscious Creator, and as such, you speak truth and have integrity.

If your life isn’t working, look at your words. Decide to be a conscious creator of your life right now, starting with you word.


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