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What Happens at an Equinoxx Channeling?

Ever wonder what happens at one of our Equinoxx channelings? Besides having a lot of fun, you have the opportunity to get answers to complex spiritual questions and to ask a personal question that may be on your mind.

The process is a simple one for the participants. All you need to do is press the registration link, pay (only $10), and you will receive your personal link to the Zoom webinar where we stream the channeling. Prior to the actual hour of the channeling, you will need to email any personal or general questions you desire Equinox to answer to my team. That first Friday at 7:00 pm, Arizona time, you click the link you received when you registered, and it will take you to the webinar.

Even though the event is attended by other people, your privacy is protected. Your face will not appear, and you can use whatever name you chose to be identified with. No one needs to know you were ever there unless you want them to know.

We begin each session with a prayer of protection and healing, followed by what we call The Message to the World, which is information that Equinoxx feels will help us through the next month or so. Next, we go to general questions. These are questions sent in by the participants that refer to general spiritual information. For example: Please talk to us about twin flames, soul mates, or soul family. Or: What is it that the Covid pandemic was meant to teach us? These questions are meant to create a discussion. Once Equinoxx has given their answer, the participants can ask for further clarification or expansion on the subject.

After we have discussed two or three general questions, we go to personal questions. These are often questions like: Who are my guides; What past life is having the most influence on this life; When will I meet my life partner; Should I move to a different state; What is my life path—or anything else that you would like information on as long as you are not invading another person’s privacy. After we conclude this portion, and if there is additional time, we again ask general questions.

Finally, Equinoxx ends each session with a meditation. These meditations appear to be specific to the group in attendance and have never been the same in the 40 years the channelings have been happening.

After Equinoxx leaves and I am fully returned, we have an on-line after party. This provides those who attend an opportunity to discuss what information they want to discuss, ask questions, or just have some like-minded people to talk with.

We would love to have you attend and we know that once you have, you’ll be back for more.

Joan Scibienski

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