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What the World Needs to Know Right Now - From Equinoxx, February 2018

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

What you have long noticed we believe, but particularly now, is how chaotic the world has become. How every day we hear of more negativity, more chaos, more fears. Is that so? And for those entities that are empaths, this is particularly troublesome, particularly painful. Because not only do you absorb the words, you absorb the feelings around you—the pain, the fear—and all of it grows.

But we are here to tell you some very good news! As empaths, you do not need to be picking up the pain. This is a choice. You can choose instead to focus your attention, your love, on the beings that are truly working in The Light. You can focus your attention on the good that surrounds you. And when you focus your attention, you will draw more and more of this to you. And when you draw more and more to you, you draw more people who also want to be this way. And when this occurs, you will have hope again instead of despair. It is your choice. It is just as easy as picking up the pain.



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