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What the World Needs to Know Right Now- Equinoxx Channeling, Jan. 2019

"What you need to know right now is very simple—you have choices in the coming year. You have the choice to live, breathe, and act through calm, peace, serenity, and love. To fill yourself with these things and to share them often with others. For there will be many times in the year ahead for you to be fearful, for you to be angry, for you to be uncomfortable, maybe even sad. But these are all choices. If you choose during these times of chaos to open your mind to what is working and right and beautious in the world, to all those things that bring you harmony, then your life will be harmonious. But if you keep allowing the outer world to dictate your inner self, to wrap yourself in an illusion of bad instead of the truth of light and love, then you will have many more days where things are tough. We think you would prefer a wonderous year and if you do this thing, it will spread, and when it spreads it will continue to spread. When beings stop allowing themselves to be controlled—when beings stop allowing themselves to be fearful and instead take control of their own thoughts—and when this spreads, it will become the norm. It will be your world, and this is what you are working for, so make it so please. You can."




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