A Unique Membership Site

We are creating a community that will focus on learning and growth to help drive the world in a positive direction. 

In many ways, the energy of the world is in a time of chaos.

Every day, we see - and for many of us - feel the pain, discontent and fear of the planet and her inhabitants. 

Have you found yourself feeling the need to really do something to help raise the energy of the Earth, to push us toward enlightened consciousness?

The purpose of this intentional gathering is to help energize people so they can open up to what they came to Earth to do. 

At this crucial time, like-minded people need to come together to raise our consciousness. 

In the video below, Jonee describes her vision for this unique spiritual community. . .

Benefits of Membership:

The monthly fee for membership in The Circle is $14.99. You can cancel at any time. 

With your membership, you have access to all the content created by Jonee and membership in the Private Facebook Group.