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We are creating a community that will focus on learning and growth to help drive the world in a positive direction. 

In many ways, the energy of the world is in a time of chaos.

Every day, we see - and for many of us - feel the pain, discontent and fear of the planet and her inhabitants. 

Have you found yourself feeling the need to really do something to help raise the energy of the Earth, to push us toward enlightened consciousness?

The purpose of this intentional gathering is to help energize people so they can open up to what they came to Earth to do. 

At this crucial time, like-minded people need to come together to raise our consciousness. 

In the video below, Jonee describes her vision for this unique spiritual community. . .

As spiritual seekers, we know we must set an intention for our actions if we are to manifest our visions and dreams. The list below explains our ideas for what we want to offer the community we intend to build. As a gifted intuitive and channel for over 40 years, Jonee has great depth of knowledge, skills, and experiences that she can share with us.


But we also want to make this a community where we will all share each other's knowledge and desires. We intend to help each other have a place to grow into our authentic lives and to then step out into the world, bringing critical knowledge that will lead to positive change.


This community will proceed in love and enthusiasm for uncovering truths and using that knowledge to create a better world. It's a big vision, but one that we must strive to create.


We would be honored if you join us.

What We Are Offering Through The Circle:

- A message from Jonee at the beginning of each month 

where she will share the theme we will be focusing on for that month, AND

what astrological developments we need to know

for the coming weeks. We want to know what topics are of importance to you so we can choose our themes as a group and shape our discussions in a way that will be of value to the community. 

- Acess to the monthly channeling work conducted by Jonee of the

Collective Consciousness known as Equinoxx

For over 40 years, Jonee has been the exclusive channel of Equinoxx. Each month, Equinoxx provides a Message to the World, discussion of  general questions, answers personal questions, and concludes with a guided mediation. Members of The Circle have access to much of this information. You can read about Jonee's channeling work by clicking here. 


As a member of the Circle, you can attend these intimate channelings, asking a personal question of Equinoxx, and bringing general questions as well. These smaller channelings are more conversational and can deeply explore important topics. 

- Virtual Classrooms

Jonee has spent years sharing her knowledge with her students in a classroom setting. She will have three different courses to begin with, including:

"You Were Born Psychic"

 Jonee very strongly believes that being psychic is not a "gift" but that it is a survival tool we all have at birth. In this class, Jonee will teach metaphysical concepts and share techniques and exercises so you can hone your innate abilities, empowering yourself to create the life you want.

"The Power of Numbers"

Originating from the ancient book of mysticism, The Kabbalah, the practice of numerology is a tool that helps discover certain apptitudes and character traits of yourself or others. Much like decoding a secret message, a person's date of birth and name can be used to uncover information. Jonee will explain the many facets to numerology and teach you how to do it. 

"Raising Psychic Kids"

Psychic from a very young age, this topic is of particular importance to Jonee and many parents and adults responsible for raising children. Often these children are made to believe their abilities are "just their imagination" and that can lead them to shut down their psychic skills. Jonee will teach us what we can and must do to raise these children. They have come to Earth at a critical time. We must learn how to give them understanding and support. 

Guided Meditations

Equinoxx has told us that the most effective way to connect with Source is through meditation. The benefits of meditation cannot be understated. At the end of every channeling, EQ concludes with a powerful meditation. We are recording those and putting them on the website. Jonee is also sharing guided meditations she is inspired to record. 

Interviews and Discussions on Spiritual Topics

A former television and radio host of metaphysical-themed shows, Jonee loves to interview people to learn about their experiences and knowledge. And often, when significant topics arise, Jonee receives insightful information. She is excited to have this platform to share her information through video lectures. And of course, we want you to help us decide what topics to cover. Perhaps you have an area you enjoy talking about that would be of value to the community? Or maybe you know someone? By linking our shared ideas and connections, it will be amazing to see what happens!


A Spiritual Book Club

We will select spiritual books and gather together on Facebook to discuss them. These discussions may be led by Jonee, one of her team, or maybe you would like to lead a discussion? Maybe you have a favorite spiritual book you would like to suggest we all read? Or maybe you have a long list you want to get to? We want to hear your ideas!

The monthly fee for membership in The Circle is $14.99. There are no minimum time requirements to be a member. 

With your membership, you have access to all the content created by Jonee and the Private Facebook Group. 

To Sign Up, Contact Joan's Team at

There is much to learn and do! Thank you for joining Jonee on this important and amazing journey.  

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