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After a near death experience as a child, Joan became "activated" and has communicated with the Other Side ever since. 

Her down-to-earth style, educational background in psychology, and a lifelong commitment to the study of metaphysics and spiritual topics, makes a reading with Joan an amazingly beneficial connection. 

Why An Intuitive Reading Can Help You:


We are often encouraged to go to college before we know what we would like to spend the rest of our lives doing. We complete our education, go to work, and discover that we hate our choice. Many just continue because they really don't know what else to do. Sometimes all we need is to learn how to set yearly or monthly goals to help envision our future, or help with defining what our best path may be. 




Joan has worked with many business owners helping them decide who to hire, promote, or eliminate, when to expand their business or when to slow down, and how to increase their profitability. For personal barriers, work can be done to explore self-defeating behavior, finding your true passion, and stimulating your desire to succeed. We all have difficulties we must learn from. Whether these difficulties defeat you or enhance you is what determines a good life or a hard one.



Because your career is a major part of your life, shouldn't it be satisfying and profitable?

However, people often feel as though one part of their life has to suffer in order for the other areas to succeed. Techniques for learning balance, releasing inhibiting beliefs, and finding your joy can help bring back the appropriate equilibrium. Additionally, determining the areas of ease versus difficulty can also help to define obstacles and find solutions to the problems that create the difficulties in balancing the different portions of your life.

Angelic Guidance Mantras, Soul Keeper Guides Messages, & Personalized Guided Meditations

Joan's published works, all spiritually themed, include a workbook, a YA series that teaches metaphysical principles, and a fiction series about the Fey.  

Personal Testimonies


Marilyn M.

Cassy C.

Sandy T.

"I didn't know what to expect. I had heard such bad things about psychics. Boy was I surprised! She's more than just an intuitive, she's a counselor who helped me get back on track. She did more for me in one session than my counselor did in three years!" 

Phoenix, AZ

"I sought out Jonee to help me work on my spirituality, but she has continued to do so much more. She has helped me help my children and even helped me through a difficult period in my marriage."

Topeka, KS

"After my husband died, I had such a hard time coping. I felt lost and alone. Thank God I found Jonee. Without her I am not sure what I would have done."

Alberta, Canada

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