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Intuitive Services from

Joan Scibienski -

Due to the need to stem the spread of COVID-19, until further notice, all readings will be conducted by phone, Zoom, Facetime, or Skype.

Thank you for understanding and be well!


Private Readings

In a private session by phone, Skype, Zoom, or Facetime, Joan employs a variety of tools to provide you with the information that will best serve you. She uses her psychic abilities to contact your guides, angels, or deceased loved ones. Joan is a medium with access to anyone who has died.  Information is also available through the use of astrology, numerology, Akashic records, and if desired, past life information. We are given free will at birth. With the information that is given to you through a private reading, you can choose what your future can be. 

1 hour session:  $100.

1/2 hour session: $65.

15 minute session (1 question): $45.

If you desire, your session will be recorded and sent to you electronically

Paypal & most credit cards accepted. Payment collected just prior to the reading. 

Call or email to schedule an appointment :


Couples Sessions


Couples sessions concentrate on the relationship, working out issues within the relationship, past life connection, and how to build a harmonious, long-lasting life together. Other tools used include astrology charts, numerology, and intuitive guidance as well as proven counseling techniques.


1 hour session:  $100.

If you desire, your session will be recorded and sent to you electronically.

Personalized Angelic Guidance Mantras


Learn the name of your Angelic guidance and your specific word to call on them. You will also be given a mantra to help you through this unique time. 


All Jonee will need is your full name and the date of your birth. 

A message from Joan about this offering:

"We all have guidance from the other side and the Angelic Realms - Angels, guides, and loved ones working together to help us move forward in the best way possible. Although they are constantly communicating with us, many of my clients have problems hearing their messages. I am constantly asked, 'Who are my guides and guardian Angels?'


It occurred to me, perhaps I could intervene by receiving the name of your Angel and a specific word that you can use to call on them directly for guidance. Additionally, I will ask them for the one word you need to know right now to help you through this difficult period, a word or phrase, like a mantra, that can help you navigate the next several months or even years. I will go through a special process of tuning in and connecting with your Angels and Guides. Through meditation and intuition, I will first meet with your personal angel for this time and ask which word or words (sometimes it is more than one) will support your highest good and help you navigate the changing times we are experiencing ! The purpose of this connection is to know the Angel who is supporting you and is also for you to have a powerful word that can bring you back to what is meaningful and remind you of your true goals. Whether you are looking for validation for the year ahead, or simply want some clarity on where to focus, a word for the year is a great place to begin."


The investment for this powerful guidance is only $40. You will receive a MP3 file of the recording. Jonee reserves the right to limit the number of participants. 

 You can email Joan or call or text Joan at 602-405-5142 to pay via credit card and find out when you can expect to receive your recording.

Joan recently received some new spiritual information from her Guides. She was told that in addition to our Spirit Guides and Angels who protect and work with us, everyone has a “Soul Keeper,” a unique guide/angel whose job is to help us uncover our life’s mission — the work our Soul wants us to do.

Our Soul Keeper has information and guidance about how we are to proceed in life, where we are to focus our attention. Everyone has a specific path. These paths can vary greatly from person to person. Someone may be here to discover a cure for new viruses. Others may be here to raise a child that will become a teacher that will inspire yet another child to become a scientist. In the eyes of the Universe, no path is more important than another.

Joan was told she had not received this information before because part of a person’s growth was to discover their path for themselves. The pandemic has changed things. Each person on Earth right now has a specific job to do. It is critical for everyone to know what their job is.

Joan has been directed to offer intuitive guidance about your Soul Keeper. She will provide you with a MP3 audio, at least 15 minutes, that includes the name of your Soul Keeper and specific information about your soul mission: what you are suppose to be doing in this lifetime and what steps to take.

The Soul Keeper connection and recording is yours for an investment of $50. You will receive a MP3 file of the recording. 

You can email Joan or call or text Joan at 602-405-5142 to pay via credit card and find out when you can expect to receive your recording.

A Message from Your

"Soul Keeper Guide"


Recorded Personal Meditations


Joan will record a meditation using your name to help you work on your personal needs which can include healing, relaxation, allowing yourself to be loved, past life recall, happiness, habit control, and any other subjects for which you need help.  Using your name will allow your subconscious mind to receive and accept this information more easily.


Recorded, personalized meditation only $15.00

 Email Joan or call or text her at 602-405-5142 to pay via credit card and find out when you can expect to receive your recording.

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