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In my readings, I am often asked about soul mates—do they exist, how many can you have, and how do you find them? I know they exist as I have found two in this life time, but while thinking about it, I realized that perhaps I have actually found three and one of them was a dog.

Nowhere have I read that a soulmate must be human, and certainly my little dog Sammie fit all the other criteria for a soul mate. He loved me unconditionally and with all his heart. He asked little of me, but he taught me so much. He was joyously happy to just sit near me, go walking, or “play bug.” When I was sad, he would come lay by me, put his sweet face on my lap, and look lovingly at me with his beautiful, puppy dog eyes. He was the sweetest being that has ever entered my life.

This October my beautiful boy left me to explore new realms. I guess he thought he had taught me all that he could for now. I miss him terribly and probably always will, but for the short time he lived with me, he showed me how to love with every ounce of my being and how to accept that kind of love, too.

Can you have more than one soul mate? Most certainly. Must they be human? Absolutely not. If anything is capable of showing you how to love yourself and be truly loving to others, it is a pet. I know Sammie was one of my soul mates and I am so grateful for his loving kindness and the few short years I got to share with him.

RIP my precious boy.

Joan L. Scibienski


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